Serial Killer Novels:

James Andrus writes Jacksonville-based serial killer police novels featuring Detective John Stallings who searches for missing children as he hopes his own daughter will return to him.


Using details that can only be gained through experience, author James Andrus creates a world of visceral and realistic police work that takes readers beyond the investigation.  The life, loves, complexities, and drive of an entire squad of detectives is shown from every perspective. Forget the glamorized TV police dramas.  The hunt for a serial killer has many elements not suitable for primetime.

Lose yourself in the lives of cops working the weird streets of Jacksonville, Florida.  The largest city in North America.  What?  Due to a governmental merger in the 1960s, the governments of the city of Jacksonville and Duval County combined to create the largest city my land mass in the hemisphere.  It also created a single police department for most of the county.  With wide jurisdiction and neighborhoods as diverse as a typical downtown to the opulent neighborhoods closer the ocean, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office or JSO has a unique and challenging job.

There is danger in the job, intrigue in the agency and all that affects the detective’s home lives.  Life and kids don’t stand still when the big case pops.  Yet spouses and children suffer when a cop is torn between duty and love.

The Perfect Prey

A True Hunter Knows…

Spring break in Jacksonville, Florida. Pretty girls are everywhere: in the bars and dance clubs, on the beaches. None of them suspect the hot guy they’re flirting with isn’t what he seems. Because spring break is also hunting season. And it’s time for the killing to begin…

The Perfect Time…

Detective John Stallings is still raw from his last case, with a high profile and a failed marriage to show for it. All he needs is another serial killer. But while the methods differ, the string of blond, blue-eyed victims points to one thing: a psychopath with a terrifying agenda.

To Strike…

There’s no shortage of clues, but the target is clever, elusive, and ruthless. At this very moment, he’s singling out the next innocent young thing who’ll die for his pleasure. And soon Stallings will face a choice between the law he’s trained to enforce, and his own need for vengeance.

An insider’s view of how a true police investigation unfolds. It’s as close a look at police work as you can get
— Elmore Leonard